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New Mexico State University

How to...

*Setting Up Your Email Program (POP, IMAP, Thunderbird, Eudora, MacMail, Outlook Users) (Exchange users-access your email as you normally do)

*Create a new account with these email program settings:

Account Type: IMAP    Outgoing Server:
Incoming Server:
   Outgoing Port: 587
Incoming Port: 993    Encryption: TLS
Encryption: SSL

   Password: myNMSU password

Mobile Devices

  • Set up for Blackberry (pdf)
    NOTE: for Server enter in:
  • Set up for Android (pdf)
    NOTE: for Server enter in:
  • Set up for iPhone, iPod, iPad (pdf)
    NOTE: for Server enter in:
  • Set up Text Messages from your myNMSU email to your phone (video)
  • Most mobile smartphones will detect the account settings if you put in your username and password. More instructions are available here.

myNMSU Email Users

  • Login to and click the Blue Mail Icon ( link.
  • Reset your myNMSU password, security questions and answers (video)
  • Set-up Text Message Alerts (video)
  • How to Forward Learn Email (video)
  • How to Make an Appointment in your Calendar (video)
  • How to Create an Inbox Rule  (video)
  • How to Reset Your Password in myNMSU (video)